Born the third child of six, Cara Sevier, has always had the natural inclination to take care of others. As a child and young adult, she dreamed of becoming a physician. She thrived in school, achieving awards, scholarships, and elections into the National Honor Society and Who’s Who Among American High School Students. After a successful completion of her Secondary Education, she enrolled as a Pre-med Major at Xavier University of LA.  Upon beginning her course studies, her feelings toward medicine began to change. Cara began to allow her background of the performing arts to surface. She began participating in talent shows, fashion shows, and was even featured in a commercial. Cara felt as if she was embarking on a path that she could be passionate about. Cara then made more upward strides upon graduation from college, settling for a B.S. in Psychology, and a minor in Chemistry.  She returned to her hometown of St. Louis, and in a matter of four years starred in two independent films, executive producing the latter, and premiered her first fashion project—her own clothing line—Five.Two Designs.

Ever vigilant and wise, Cara began to see that her newly chosen career path had a few challenges. The most noticeable was attempting to live out her passion without enough financial sustenance. So, upon the advice of a friend, she made a bold move to obtain her Registered Nurse license. After all, she had completed more than enough coursework to help her achieve this goal. After accomplishing this goal, Cara made another bold step and moved to Atlanta where she would be closer to the entertainment industry. More recently, one of Cara’s brands-“Fashion MD”™ was featured on NBC’s “The Dee Armstrong Show”, where she discussed her unique application of fashion styling—from the inside out. Cara also discussed her 1st literary work, “From A Fashionista’s Soul” available now on Amazon.com!

But she didn’t stop there. Cara has expanded her company to comprise several brands along with Fashion MD: The RN Prescription™, ALSETI Wigs™, Elite CEO™, a burgeoning media network– CSN™ which hosts two shows–“The Not Just Nursing Show”™ and “RN: Real Nurses”(Created by Tamara D. Woods, RN). “The Not Just Nursing Show”™ highlights the lives of Nurses who have gone beyond the bedside, to do extraordinary things! “RN: Real Nurses” is a medically-based drama featuring five nurses who are ethically challenged, struggling with everyday drama and interpersonal setbacks, which affects their careers and families. The RN Prescription™ provides products and services that renew, uplift, motivate, and encourage the Nurse.  The innovative and top selling products are “The AM/PM Shift Energizing Spray”™ and  “Nurse Nutrition”™, a healthy snack food that provides nutrition and satisfaction during a 12hr shift.   Visit our store at www.CaraSevier.com to learn more!  

The catalyst for creating The RN Prescription™ brand, was Cara’s desire to create something special that her colleagues could utilize to assist them in taking care of themselves, along with their patients, during their shifts. She has since then derived a self-care platform that focuses on the RNEM™ Method. This method encourages nurses to view themselves from a holistic perspective as they begin and maintain their journey to self care. Recently, Cara shared the RNEM™ Method with fellow nurses who attended Nurse CEOs™ Success Summit in Atlanta, November, 2018.

In December of 2018, Cara began a collaboration with two of her colleagues. Cara and Tamara D. Woods, RN joined forces to continue to create the medical drama series RN: Real Nurses–written, produced, and created by Tamara. This medical drama series films in Charlotte, NC and its entire Season 1 can be viewed on the CSN network. The CSN network can be found on YouTube, searchable by Cara Sevier Network. Cara’s next collaboration is with Victoria Randle, NP-C, and is called Nurses 4 Ever Fit™. As an adjunct to her self-care initiative, both Nurses host monthly fitness and fellowship events at local Atlanta gyms. More information can be found by visiting the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Nurses4everfit/.

The parent company which houses all of Cara’s independent brands, is listed as Cara Sevier Industries LLC, and is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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