Cara Sevier is an Empath, Reiki Master, and entrepreneur.  Her mission is to empower Empaths with tools for healing past traumas, bringing into full awareness their soul’s purpose,  so they can become the powerful healers they were intended to be.

Although Cara entered the realm of health and wellness through the conventional door of nursing, she developed a sincere interest in the topic of energy, as she noticed that her own energy levels were being severely being impacted.  After many years of research and spiritual advisement, Cara discovered the underlying cause for her energy depletion, and jumped “soul” first into educating herself about Empaths and the energetic healing arts.

Knowing first-hand, the consequences of not being aware of your natural inclinations, Cara has re-directed her entrepreneurship endeavors to include opportunities for Empaths to learn more about who they are, expand their awareness in a safe space, and expand their self knowledge, while being empowered to embrace their natural healing abilities for the healing of the planet.


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