I was born the third child of six, in St. Louis, Missouri.  Being a middle child, I had a natural inclination to take care of others, so naturally a career in the health field was the obvious path.  I went about life as planned, doing well in school, and preparing for a college career with a major in pre-medicine.  Well, the fall of my sophomore year, things changed.  I found out the “other side” of medicine that included residency, and being on-call.  Call me naive, but I did not know the extent of the commitment that I had signed up for.  I knew right then and there, that being a physician was not going to be my path.  You see, I had a deep desire to live life on my own terms (erroneously, I thought that being a physician would provide this sort of life).  I immediately changed my major from pre-medicine to general psychology, with a minor in chemistry.  I had a four-year scholarship, so I had to double down on my classes.  Despite joining my esteemed sorority—Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated, the last two years of college sped by.  However, there is one pivotal point on campus, that changed everything….I was stopped on campus and asked by a Los Angeles production company if they could take my picture, for a commercial they were shooting.

Call it fate (I’d like to think so), but I agreed to this opportunity, which took me down a path of movie stardom!  What, you didn’t know I had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  I actually didn’t take acting that far (sigh).  Post college I headed back to St. Louis, working at a temp agency until I found out how to make myself a star.  That led to two independent films, a bad investment, coupled with the new skills of fashion/wardrobe design and producer!  In the midst of this, I heard about nursing school, and decided to give it a try.  I graduated from nursing school in a total of two years, and after gaining experience, I moved to Atlanta.  Why ATL?  I still had that dream of becoming a movie star….once again that plan was thwarted when the economy collapsed, 8 months after I arrived to Atlanta

That brings me to my currently unfolding path.  I realized that my life’s journey was directing me back towards my innate desire of wanting to live life on my own terms, while helping others.  I became acutely aware that in order to do that , I must I own a business!  Since that time, I have expanded to operate 3 personal brands—The RN Prescription™, Caduceus Medical Casting™,  and The Not Just Nursing Show™.

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