Commitment, Courtesy, and Community—are the words that describe the platform that Dekalb County, GA Superior Court Judge candidate, Yolanda Parker-Smith presents to her constituents.

Upon interviewing Esquire Parker-Smith, one thing was apparent. Her calm, peaceful energy, had an air of humility. I was pleasantly surprised that she stated numerous times throughout her interview, that she was a servant, and that the elected office of Superior Court Judge should always be looked at as a position that serves the community. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard it stated that way before!

What would it look like if judges from across the nation believed the same thing? I perceive we would have a myriad of outcomes from some of the most controversial cases, to date. Since that is clearly not the case, I will settle on the assurance of a courtroom of objectivity and fairness, should Esquire Parker-Smith be elected to the bench.

She’s never been an attorney in private practice, stating that her life’s purpose is to serve the indigent population. She also strongly believes that the judge who presides over a courtroom, should be familiar with the community in which they serve. Again, another testament to the character of candidate Parker-Smith.

There are many accolades that Esquire Parker-Smith possesses, and she has the support of her family, social organizations, and community that believe in her. If you are a resident of Dekalb County, GA, I recommend that you visit the link below to view her interview, and make your decision of who you will vote for on June 9, 2020.

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Click to view Esquire Parker-Smith’s Interview-

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