Pole Dancing Fit For a Nurse: The Not Just Nursing Show™ Interviews Tyah Ginyard RN, BSN

If you think that stripper and pole dancing are synonymous, think again!  On yesterday’s episode of The Not Just Nursing Show™, we interviewed Nurse Tyah Ginyard RN, BSN.  She is a professional nurse, but also has a passion for entrepreneurship.  Tyah’s business is pole dancing, and she has assumed a powerful performance name of Tsunami.  Why pole dancing you ask?  Well, it stems for her background of a love for the arts, coupled with an intro to a pole class that she took many years afterwards.

Pole dancing combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole.  Recently, pole dancing has departed from its primary association of taking place in gentlemen’s clubs, to a mainstream form of fitness.  There’s even pole dancing championships!

Is pole dancing safe?  Some of you may have seen the footage of  Dallas pole dancer, Genea Sky, who fell an estimated 15ft while performing a trick based move.  Quick answer?  It depends.  You can either do your movements closer to the floor, and add more sensual movements, or you can attempt to ascend to higher heights.  Nurse Tyah shared her go-to’s for pole safety which include body awareness and products that help a dancer “stick” to the pole.

What are the benefits?  The obvious ones are strength training and toning. Then there are the lesser discussed benefits such as body confidence and a healthy self esteem, which Nurse Tyah states, “you’re either going to hide it (your new found pole dancing skill), or go all in.”  Which ever way you look at it, there is much more to learn about pole dancing, and if you’re local to Atlanta, GA, consider taking a Pole Journey With Tsunami!


To learn more, visit Nurse Tyah’s interview here:

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