The BIG RELEASE Full Moon Ceremony

"I felt heavy about my shadow self, but now, I feel a little lighter." ( S. Prasad)

"I felt my "own" Reiki energy awakened during the reiki portion and felt healing occur with parts of my shadow self that I'd written down on my paper and was holding in my hands." (A. Poroj)

CaraSoul™ Group Reiki

"Jitters and chills...chills." (Toshia)

"Relaxed and serene."  (S. Conerly)

"I just felt calm."  (S. Johnson)

"Calm and had a moment where it seemed something big was released."  (Olana)

"After having a group Reiki session with Cara, she gave me a call to follow up and discuss what came up for me in the session.  Everything she told me was SPOT ON!  After our conversation, I signed up for her Full Moon Ceremony to learn more from her.  I am looking forward to working with her again!  Thank you Cara!"  (Melody)

"Good morning, just want to thank you for that awesome session last night.  It was calming and relaxing, feeling a sense of heavy weight lifted if that makes sense.  During the session, I felt like some heavy pressure on my heart that soon faded away after a few minutes."  (Pamela)

"Good morning, I've been sleeping sooooo good since the session.  I've never felt so rested.  Thank you again (double heart emoji)."  (Pamela)

"I 1000% enjoyed my reiki session with Cara!  A friend booked a session for the 5 of us and I was initially hesitant, but as soon as Cara joined the call, I felt her energy and I knew it was going to be good.  When she asked us to close our eyes the energy intensified.  I booked a follow up call with Cara and she gave me excellent pointers to help me level up before the year's end.  Cara also provided me tips on how to shield myself as an Empath.  I appreciate Cara for giving her time to help me grow on my journey to help others heal.  I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with Cara.  Get ready to glo' up."  (Nikki)

"It was a very calming experience--I feel decompressed."  (Jamala)


CaraSoul™ Reiki Individual Session

"Sleepless nights, mental exhaustion, worry and anxiety had begun to take its toll.  I felt stuck in a blank space. I couldn't believe at 49 I was in such a disarray. I would question, "How could I be here when I am consistently doing self-work?" "Shouldn't I be further along?"  I saw a post or maybe heard mention of Reiki master, Cara Soul and I was intrigued.  I asked her lots of questions over the months and she would graciously answer.  Although I asked questions I never booked an appointment.  During a low period I bumped into Cara and we booked that same day. I had no idea what was going to happen but I was amazed and relieved at the same time.  The session we had was uplifting, inspiring, honest, clean and peaceful.  Cara addressed several things that I needed to face.  She was professional, sensitive and very aware.  I immediately felt comfortable and I completely trusted her.  After my session I felt a release. I felt as though years of pressure had lifted and I had direction on how to move forward.  I am grateful for Cara and her energy work. I look forward to our upcoming sessions.  I want all of my friends and family to book with her with open hearts to receive.  This is life changing!" (Shene' Norwood)

"I want to thank Cara Sevier for my Reiki session today.  I feel refreshed and spiritually empowered after that mind, soul, and body experience.  This is my second time experiencing that body healing process.  Thank you Cara."  (Cora Reed)

"My healing session became the beginning of my new zest for life.  Cara took the time to hear me in addition to hearing what is inside of me. I appreciate the way she breaks down my energy so that I understand how to transfer what I need to thrive and release all that is not good for my true essence.  I gained knowledge regarding the healing process from Cara who gives a safe space where I felt comfortable to open up myself to all of her guidance."   (Danielle)