Welcome to "The Not Just Nursing Show"! This is a talk show that debuted its pilot episode in November of 2017. The show highlights the lives of Nurses who have moved from solely providing bedside nursing care, into their heartfelt passions. "The Not Just Nursing Show" also provides insight into the various aspects that are involved in business ownership, increasing the probability of success. "The Not Just Nursing Show" has a growing audience of 14,000+, and a connective network of more than 19,000+, producing a combined target audience of 33,000+,and growing. The viewership demographics indicate that 58% of the total target audience are in healthcare related fields. "The Not Just Nursing Show" is changing the perception of what it means to be a nurse! Can you picture a Nurse as a photographer, fitness instructor, model, author, entrepreneur, fashion designer, entertainer, or TV/radio personality? Welcome to the alternate lives of Nurses...welcome to "The Not Just Nursing Show"! To Subscribe to CSN and see previous episodes of the show and be notified of new ones, click the following link-The Not Just Nursing Show.